Friday, January 18, 2019

QUEBEC - DAY 83 - AUG 24

My overnight stay in New Richmond was with the guy in the first picture. His name is Bruno. He has an excavation business with his father. He has done some long bicycle tours as well including New Zealand. He fixed a great dinner and I took him to breakfast in the morning.

It was another pleasant day, slightly overcast and flat except for the first few hills leaving New Richmond. The tailwind continues. The pictures are mostly the entry signs of the nice little towns I went through and some other road scenes on the way to Port Daniel West. 

My bicycling friend from California, Paul, grew up in Canada and has innumerable cousins scattered about Canada and he graciously gets me in touch with them when he knows I am in their neighborhood. The last two pictures are their house and Ursula (his cousin) and David, her husband, and their one year old pooch that just dug a hole in the garden. 

This is their summer cottage and they are residents near Toronto. They welcomed me into their beautiful home and are just the nicest, classiest folks you will ever meet. Ursula and I were very like-minded and had an extensive discussion about a lot of things and may have solved most of the world problems.

David has an unbelievable garden and dinner consisted of freshly picked green and yellow string beans, potatoes, beets, and ham (which was probably store bought). Ursula baked some chocolate, squash, carrot bread that was to die for. I'm sure it was the best meal I have had or will have on this trip.



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