Saturday, August 10, 2019

EUROPE - 2019 - DAY 57


It was a nice day for a bike ride as I left Krakow. There were some interesting paths like the one next to the fence. I have a love-hate relationship with the software I am using (, but I am sticking with it. 99% of the time it keeps me on quiet roads and bike paths, but sometimes I get to travel on really rough gravel or have to cross a crazy steep, cobbled, section of road, or dirt, or actually climb or go down steps. Another problem is it doesn't know I'm an interested tourist and takes me around a town that might have some nice things to see. In big cities it will take me on alleys, and have a zillion turns and I usually get lost. That being said, it still makes me happy following the routes through the countryside.

I loved the "Gotcza" sign. About the Polish language; their words are impossible to say (for me) and have way too many consonants, especially Z's, C's, W's, hell, just about all of them.

The farmlands on this day seemed to be very much about lettuce and cabbage, with a lot of wheat and corn as well.