Monday, August 26, 2019

EUROPE - 2019 - DAY 75

DAY 75 - AUG 24 - PARNU to RAPLA

Another splendid day traveling in Estonia from Parnu to Rapla. Got some photos in Parnu on my way out. Had a few dirt and gravel bits today which weren't too bad, but kept me wandering if they would get nasty.

Saw some blue bales, horsies, and was on a nice bike trail for awhile. The building with the cars in front was my digs for the night.




EUROPE - 2019 - DAY 74

DAY 74 - AUG 23 - DZENI to PARNU

Another day mostly along the coast without many views of same. I did cross into Estonia, my 12th country of the trip. The temperatures are much more to my liking now that I am further north. 

Parnu has some nice beaches which I did not see as I arrived kind of late and didn't explore.

Here is some info about Parnu;




EUROPE - 2019 - DAY 73

DAY 73 - AUG 22 - RIGA to DZENI

More photos of Riga as I left after my 2nd night. The modern parts of the city are as impressive as the old parts, with some wild architecture. Here is the wiki info on Riga;

The road north had some very narrow shoulders with some big truck traffic, and although running along the Baltic Sea, afforded very few glimpses of the water due to forest cover.

The last picture is where I stayed and is not really in or near a town, and was very nice.