Saturday, July 27, 2019

EUROPE - 2019 - DAY 46


I reluctantly left my air conditioned perch above Linz as it was forecast to be another hot day. It was rush hour in the city and I got a very quick look at the third largest city in Austria before heading across the Danube to begin my ride east. Giant tour boats are in abundance taking tourists up and down the river.

It wasn't long before I got to the town of Mauthausen. I had a hard time deciding if I was going to visit Mauthausen Concentration Camp. It was only about 3 miles out of my way and off I went. There was about a 300 foot steep climb to get up there that I didn't know about. 

I knew enough history that there weren't any surprises for me. It is really more of a memorial now with nice statuary and monuments. The most poignant thing for me were some of the placards in the barracks with quotes from some of the survivors. One of the docents there told me that this place is tiny compared to some of the others. This happened only 75 years ago. The one question that lingers for me; "Is this as far as we have evolved?" If you need more info;

My route continued almost entirely right along a paved trail next to the Danube. There were some very nice towns along the way, like Grein. It started raining just as I arrived in Marbach an der Donau.