Thursday, January 3, 2019


My second day in Bridgewater it did rain, a pretty good downpour, but it was over early in the day. Maybe I felt a little guilty for taking it so easy, so when I left I was determined to make some miles. Most of the day, I stayed on the main highway which is an excellent road, but very boring. Just about all of the little towns and stores are along the coastal road, whereas the fast route is mostly just green forest on both sides. 

I did get off to go through Liverpool and Brooklyn, because of their names. I stayed on the scenic route only to later get stopped by an old rail trestle that I couldn't get over in Summerville Beach Provincial Park. You can see this on the route provided. Back on the main highway, I made it all the way to Shelburne, a really small town with no rooms available. Never mind, it was a short ride to The Islands Provincial Park, where I had a lovely camp site overlooking a bay and in the woods. This was my longest day of pedaling (79 miles) so far and only my 2nd night of camping. 



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