Thursday, January 3, 2019


Another nice day, although a bit warm. Broke camp and backtracked a bit to a Tim Horton's, a ubiquitous chain here in Canada, that tries to pass as a fast food chain, but generally fails. They have coffee anyway. Half of the day I stayed on the main road (boring), but started on the coastal route in the town of Barrington. Speaking of fast food chains, I took a long break at McDonalds in town. McDonalds is really a good choice for bicycle touring for some very specific reasons. They have decent coffee, usually okay wifi, and most importantly they could care less about what goodies you bring into the store to eat. One negative is that there is usually a big shortage of electrical outlets for charging. This place was no exception, however, when I asked about charging things, one young lady pointed to the only outlet in a corner and started moving furniture around so I could set up my little office. I was pleasantly surprised and this only happens in Canada I'm sure.

I haven't found it exceptionally crowded anywhere along this coast, along with the fact of very few rooms. So it's a chicken and egg thing. Would there be more tourists if there were more rooms or are there fewer rooms because they don't get hordes of tourists? While in Barrington I was calling ahead looking for a room or a place to eat. No luck on the room, but while talking to an owner of the Red Cap Restaurant in West Pubnico, I mentioned that I was bicycle touring and she asked if I had a tent. Of course! And she has on occasion let a person camp behind the restaurant. It wasn't fancy and no shower, but dinner and breakfast the next morning were quite good. Last picture is the restaurant. My third night of camping, but who's counting?



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