Thursday, January 3, 2019


Apparently I have gone from the refrigerator into the frying pan. Just a little hot and humid. Reminds me of my formative years. There is an extensive rail to trail network going mostly around the perimeter of Nova Scotia. This is similar to the ones that I was on last year in British Columbia. It is mostly finely crushed rock and very ride-able on 700 x 32 tires. Not as fast as one would go on the asphalt roads, but not as hilly either and of course no vehicles. Sometimes they meander quite a bit too. Anyway, the trail goes in the general direction I am headed, and you can jump on and off at pretty regular intervals, which is what I did.

A fine day with fine scenery along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. On the highways, traffic wasn't too bad by California standards, and drivers were courteous mostly. Hardly any shoulders made using the rail trail a safe alternative. Beaches were small, rocky, and nothing to write home about, although I am. 

The first really cutesy town I went through was Chester, where I made a lunch stop. There are several pictures. Shortly after leaving town, I was back on the rail trail when I came up on a young lady commuting home from work in Chester. We were chit chatting and without much ado I was invited over to spend the night. She and her mom just recently moved into a family home for the summer on a bluff just above Mahone Bay. Her son was also there and she had plenty of room. 

Her name is Gillian (Gill for short) and her mom is Hilary (with one L). Their picture is the last one and the sunset shot is from the front of their home. I was more shocked than you are in reading this. They were just the most amiable and delightful folks you would ever want to meet. Either she had a gift of instant analysis of a persons character or It's just a Canadian thing. She did say in not so many words that as a bicycle tourist loaded with saddle bags that I was probably not much of a threat.

After a swim, dinner, and bed, I was off the next morning after breakfast. I really like Nova Scotia so far.



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