Tuesday, January 29, 2019

MAINE - DAY 104 - SEP 14

From Jackman, I decided to head for Bangor, (big city, bright lights), which also has an international airport. I thought it might take a couple days and it turned out to be three.

Another pretty day with some good hills and great scenery. There were several small lakes and rivers and the very large Moosehead Lake. The first very small town was Rockwood with a cute little harbor. You can see some color just starting to come out in the trees, but still very early.

After arriving in the larger town of Greenville, I had planned on another 15 miles, but I was about out of gas. Here in town there were no good choices for lodging, so I plopped down in a coffee shop and checked "warmshowers". To my surprise, there was only one which I called and got invited over. This couple, Jeri and Henry were natives of the area, had a little grocery / grill in town, and lived in a lovely home up and over a big hill. Henry had done some touring too.

The view of the lake with the islands is on the way to their house. The big white house is the Blair Hill Inn, a B&B, at the top of the hill with a great view of Moosehead Lake. The next fabulous house was just picture worthy. This couple was very welcoming and we drove out to a nice restaurant for dinner. The last two pictures are the view from the lake side of their house and the other side, respectively. 



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