Wednesday, January 2, 2019


It was a dark and dreary day, but I needed to get on with it if I was going to make it back to Keflavik in time for my flight. So I reluctantly left Stodarfjordur, heading around a couple of fjords on my way to Djupivogur. I got rained on for a couple of hours and there was some gravel, but pretty good gravel. The gravel was at the far inland bit of a very long fjord called Berufjordur.

In the little town, which is off the main road only a mile, I lucked out and got a hostel room all to myself without having a reservation. My one time used camping gear is dead weight, but if it doesn't kill me, it definitely makes me more tired.

I am not a cloudy day photographer, but I did manage some shots for the record.



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