Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Looking east from Reydarfjordur down the fjord, there seemed to be a fog bank out toward the ocean, but it was burning off quickly. Today I had the choice of going through a tunnel and saving about 25 miles or going around the Vattarnes Peninsula. I knew there were two gravel sections the longer way but my previous gravel road experiences in Iceland were not too bad, so off I went.

The first bit of gravel started quickly and it was pretty rough and I was immediately having second thoughts. The scenery was great so I continued on at an ambulatory pace until the asphalt started again after several miles, to my great relief.

The winds were variable, picking up and dying down without any noticeable rhyme or reason, but invariably coming at me from the ocean. I could see the bright orange lighthouse in the distance, knowing this would signal a bend to the right and around to the Faskrudsfjordur fjord. (Don't worry about trying to pronounce these words, no one can....I'm struggling trying to spell them correctly). At the very tip, the other gravel section kicked in, a little more ride-able, but some very steep hills. And it was a lot colder and foggy. After the uphill part is was a downhill gravel run until the lovely asphalt began and the road flattened out.

It cleared up as I headed inland for a lunch stop in Faskrudsfjordur. I was tempted to stay in this small town, but it was early yet. Continuing on a paved road around another less pronounced peninsula with another bright orange lighthouse, I made it to the really small village of Stodvarfjordur, and checked into the Saxa Guesthouse. This would be my home for the next three nights. 



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