Monday, December 31, 2018


Today I left the cutesy town of Siglufjordur. Bright yesterday, overcast today, but got more pictures of town on the way out anyway. There are light posts everywhere because this place in winter must be as dark as Hades, not to mention snow covered. After a brief climb, there are 2, two lane tunnels, the first about 2.5 miles, the second about 4.3 miles. They are pretty well lit and traffic was very mild. I have a pretty good rear blinker too, so no problems. They don't climb or descend much, but go directly through the hills. This dumps you into another nice little town, Olafsjordur, (where I stopped for coffee), before another little climb to a one lane tunnel about 2 miles long. There are pullouts in the tunnel and drivers seemed to be quite cautious.

Then the road runs right along the fjord (Eyjafjordur), before entering Dalvik, another little port town where people can take boat rides up to the island of Grimsey, right on the Arctic Circle. After another nice undulating stretch things flattened out and all hell broke loose. The last 15 miles or so into Akureyri, I had a raging headwind of 20 to 25 miles per hour. I crept along for hours, the only good thing was knowing that I would not run out of daylight and I had previously booked a private hostel room for 2 nights in town. Like I mentioned earlier, "no country for old men". I made it, suffering mightily. The key to this type of direct headwind is to just be content with your 3 to 4 mph pace, not push it, and have the luxury of time.


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