Saturday, December 29, 2018


Today I got off of Route 1, the ring road, and crossed the Skagi Peninsula over to Saudarkrokur on the Skagafjordur, which I think means Skaga Fjord. Don't ask me to pronounce any of it. It wasn't warm, but it didn't rain and winds were modest. There were two pretty good hills, the first getting over an elevation of 1,000 feet. This may not seem very high, but at this latitude, it's like getting way above the tree line, and there isn't a tree line.

It was a day for sheep and horse viewing, valleys and mountain vistas. The sheep are everywhere, look very fat and healthy and ewes are in abundance and very cute. They stick very close to their parents, especially mother. Some got a little irritated with me standing so long to get the perfect shot. I'm pretty sure one of the rams was thinking about charging me, but never did. I only saw one brown one, where most are some combination of black and white. Be sure and watch the two video clips in with my pictures. I may have to rethink my eating desires the next time lamb chops are on the menu.

Saudarkrokur is a nice little port city and I found a comfy hotel to stay ensconced for a couple of nights, waiting out more winds and predicted rain and of course to watch the World Cup. The orange building is the hotel and the views of town and the fjord are from just up a little hill.



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