Saturday, December 29, 2018

ICELAND - DAY 12 & 13 - JUNE 14 & 15

Reluctantly, I needed to leave this place, for the only fact that I was out of food. I donned my full rain gear and headed out into the nastiness. And then there were hills. My rain garb was performing well, but the headwinds were fierce, maybe 15 to 25 mph. My initial plan was to continue up route 1 to a town called Blonduos. I started that way, but after a certain point the side gusts were a bit much and there was some traffic and I had safety concerns. I turned around, backtracked slightly, and made a beeline for Hvammstangi, a town that has all services. I found a really nice new hostel and a market nearby. 

Today was an ordeal, I won't deny it. Short miles and check out my mph on the Garmin file. I can hardly believe 3.2 mph! I could have walked that fast, maybe faster. Life is hard, but after days like this, the little bumps in the road of life don't seem as great.


There are no pictures. It was raining and blowing!!

DAY 13

I decided to stay another day in Hvammstangi. It wasn't as cloudy and rainy today, but it continues to blow from the north. I may have come too far north for this time of year, maybe not. I have a whole new respect for the strength and resilience of Icelanders. They do have those Viking genes.

 Anyway, I had a nice relaxing day, did a little walk to the market, and watched Morocco blow their game against Iran in the last 2 minutes. I hope none of you missed the Portugal-Spain match. It was top drawer.

As it continues to blow from the north, I'm not sure where I am going tomorrow. It will be a surprise (to me as well).


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