Saturday, December 29, 2018


Leaving Borgarnes was a little drizzly, but improved quickly. Not too hilly through nice open farm country. Later you can see a large blackish-brown dome which is a volcanic cone called Grabrok. You can see a few people if you look close walking around the crater at the top. I have read this was formed 2000 or 3000 years ago. The great lava field formed by it stretches for miles as I bicycle beside it. A thick layer of moss has grown on top of it causing an unusual sight. The conical shaped mountain that you see in the pictures is called Baula. 

The road begins to climb steadily, topping out at over 1300 feet, before dropping and flattening out. Now it is a lot colder and the beginnings of some strong headwinds and rain. Then there is a bit of civilization in the form of a gas station / restaurant rest stop right at the head of a fjord. I needed a break right now. After a respite, I had to make the final 12 mile or so push to a hostel I found in Saeberg. The temps are now in the low 40's, it's raining, and there is a headwind. This hostel is really in the boonies, no food stores or anything else around for miles. The hostel is an old farm house and comfortable enough with all the important amenities. Luckily I was carrying enough stores on the bike that I wasn't starving. I met a Dutch guy there, also traveling by bike, who wasn't the least bit phased by the rain, wind, and cold. 



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