Sunday, July 21, 2019

EUROPE - 2019 - DAY 37


During my night in Dornbirn, Austria, I was struck by how lumpy the map was looking in Austria. I wasn't going to, but I decided to head for southern Germany. First down to Bregenz, Austria, on the very large Lake Constance or Bodensee in German. It is a nice resort town and the place was humming. It is a transportation hub also and there were many bicycle tourists. Check out that modern looking tour boat. (I think it was a tour boat). If interested;

Continuing around the lake a bit and then off into Germany. So far, in every country border that I have crossed not one "Welcome To" sign. Maybe that is just an American state thing. 

I hardly had to ride near any vehicles in this part of Germany. Most of the highways had completely separate paved trails next to the road and then there were many of these one lane, also paved trails, through farmlands and forests. Everything was in great shape as well. There were a few steep pitches, but I wasn't in the alps. (Actually part of the Bavarian Alps).

Some small nice towns along the way and finally my destination of Sulzberg. The last picture was my hotel. So nice, I decided to stay two nights.




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