Monday, December 31, 2018


I forgot to mention an incident on my rest day in Akureyri. I was cruising around town with minimal weight on the bike (except me of course) and all of a sudden one section of my front tire became unseated. I immediately hopped off and let the air out before the tube popped. I think I was running about 85 psi, and  the tires are rated at 95. I'm not positive if there was damage to the bead, but I re-seated and am running about 75 psi now. And here I am 5 days later, still alive. Back to my story.

Leaving town there was a pretty good climb passing many farms. I was intrigued by the various colors of the hay bales, white, black, pink, and I have also seen blue. I wonder if there is any significance to the different colors, maybe adjacent owners of the fields to keep things separated.

Beside the beautiful countryside, the highlight of the day was the Godafoss waterfall. I got pictures from both sides and a couple of video clips. Pretty impressive even with the darkening skies. The road immediately climbs from the falls and it started to drizzle. The climb was tough, the drizzle became rain, and it continued for a few hours. Then there was a final climb, even higher than the first two and the rain was not relenting. I decided to take the 4 km shorter route around the less scenic side of Lake Myvatn to my destination of Reykjahlid, a tiny little spot on the map, where I booked a hostel room. 

Sure enough, the rain stopped just as I got to my destination. That final picture of a fractured old lava flow is what you see for miles around. In fact the hostel is built right next to or on top of it.



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